25 January 2006

going folk

A very beautiful, delicate rendition of "Tell It On The Mountain".

Marie Laforêt - Viens sur la montagne

Where is Marie Laforêt now? Over here apparently.
Photos and biography (in French) here.
Marie at the Ye-Ye Girls website.
Purchase her cds here.


Guuzbourg said...

lovely picture of Marie as well.

QQF resident said...

I think her catalogue is much overlooked and I'm hoping for reissues of her 70s music.

Of course we all like different things. But there are only two other French female singers that mean as much to me as Marie Laforet with regards to the 60s.

It's just how my ears are put together :)

Skunkeye said...

Marie Laforet is one of my absolute favourites - unfortunately, the only material I've been able to find are two or three inexpensive but somewhat slight compilations - you know, those master serie/les talents du siecle type-issues covering a range of French artists. I love her voice and choice of material. And she appeared in one of my all-time favorite films as Marge in Plein Soleil - Purple Noon - based on the Highsmith Ripley novel and later remaded and expanded upon by anthony minghella in the Talented Mr. Ripley.
I'd be curious to hear/know if her catalogue extends beyond these wonderful collections.

modcentric said...

I haven't had a chance to see any of her films before. But with her voice and looks, I'm sure her films would be a treat!

QQF resident said...

In my opinion Laforet's 60s catalogue is very diverse. And I haven't seen any compilations do justice to that and at the same time retain an album flow. Or include (what I think are) her finest recordings (they are many). Magic Record's seven volumes of Marie Laforet, however, are medicine to sore ears. I think they go for around 12 euros each.