22 January 2006

Rita, Sakura, and Cleopatra

Two of Hong Kong's Sixties songstresses team up for this cover of Lulu's 'Let's Pretend'.

I finally managed to catch Cleopatra Wong yesterday, and another cult Singaporean 70's action film, Bionic Boy. This song would definitely fit into Cleopatra Wong's soundtrack, with it's huge, huge diva sound.

Rita Chao and Sakura - Let's Pretend

Apparently, Quentin Tarantino was actually inspired by Cleopatra Wong, along with Bruce Lee's films, when he made Kill Bill. Amazing! Cleopatra Wong is about a nineteen year old Interpol agent who "purrs like a kitten and makes love like a siren. This side of the pacific, she is the meanest, deadliest and sexiest secret agent." Bionic Boy is about a 10 year old with superhuman karate prowness, out to avenge the death of his parents. Both very campy as most action films of that era are, but that's why we like watching them.

I'm not sure whether this means Cleopatra Wong is available on tape? Though I did read today that the two films' dvd rights were sold last year in America. So hopefully there'll be a dvd release soon!


Bruno said...

Hi,it seems the film was issued in Germany back in the days...(dubbed in German of course) ;)

blip said...

Hey, I'm really liking all the asian girl posts... wondering if you know anything about Chang Loo? I think she's got a track on the Asian Takeaways VA Comp... I can't find out much of anything about her...

blip said...

I recently saw Lady Snowblood.. definitely a big influence for Kill Bill also... Tarantino even lifted Meiko Kaji's song "Shura no Hana" song for his movie.