18 January 2006

Beatle-girls from Argentina

I'm not a fan of most flying insects. But this is an exception.

Excepts from the record's liner notes:
"Something new is coming out of South America these days. It's not traditional Latin tempo -- it's the sound of Las Mosquitas -- four beautiful girls who sing and play a Latin-Rock rhythm that will keep the youth of the world bouncing"

"This is the sound of style of Las Mosquitas, four young and attractive Beatle-haired girls who sing and shout and shake their way to fervent performances."

"These girls do it all by themselves. They have the traditional musical combination, 2 guitars, a bass guitar and drums. There is nothing timid or dainty about their approach. These talented females come upon each song with fresh and dramatic accompaniment. They've given birth to an intense music. It's most unusual"

Thanks to Ion for the track, and clueing me in about this band!

Las Mosquitas - Tembleque

Some pictures here. (site in Spanish)


QQF resident said...

Goodness :) Very catchy.

Bruno said...

Yeyeyeye Hahaha la-lalala : I like! :)

guapo said...

this blog just gets better and better!