12 January 2006

more Clinger Sisters!

Before their brief forray into punk rock, the Clinger Sisters' sound was unabashedly pop. It's hard to believe these are the same girls!

The Clinger Sisters - Shoop Shoop De Doop Rama Lama Ding Dong Yeah Yeah

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QQF resident said...

Tell me that you want me back in your arms
well baby I'm telling you
if you really want me and all of my charms
there's one thing you have to do

whisper something in my ear
all the things I like to hear
like "sha-la-la-la shoop shoop . . . "

Now that is a cute theory not to hold water (unfortunately). But it's a very good and funny song. Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Is it somehow possible to obtain this probably wonderful track? I can't seem to find anything by The Clingers (The Clinger(s) Sisters) except "Gonna have a good time".

Anonymous said...

like what infinite st.clair said...

any chance of an mp3 of this please??

a great version of a great song

Levitra Online said...

The same band, you mean this Rama Lama Ding Dong girls are the same that are now singing Christian Music? and they did Punk-Rock? Talking about a change in directions.