29 March 2006

Beatlemaniacs unite!

Countless artists (mostly from the States, for some reason) proclaimed their love for the Fab Four in song. Some songs seem downright tacky, as if attaching the Beatles' name to a record's title would guarantee its sale. Still, with titles like "The Beatle Bounce", "Saint Paul", and even "Stamp Out The Beatles", these songs are a fun listen, if only to capture the spirit of Beatlemania!

Being the obsessive Beatles fan I am, I was so pleased to hear of this newly released cd - "Beatlemaniacs!!! The World of Beatle Novelty Records". Beatles novelty songs are notoriously hard to acquire (cheaply), and finally you can get 24 in one cd! I haven't ordered it yet, but apparently it also comes with a booklet of notes and photographs. How how exciting is this??

This site has the complete track listing. I can't find any site with tracks for preview, so I'm offering two here:

The Bon Bons - What's Wrong With Ringo (thanks to Ion for this track. Check out his mixes at Art of the Mix. His 60s compilations are really good!)

The Four Preps - A Letter To The Beatles (30 seconds)

Considering there are tons of novelty Beatles songs out there, one cd alone can't collect all the tunes. Hopefully Ace Records will make a whole series of these cds! Here's another Beatles novelty song that's not on this cd:

Bridget - America


ion said...

Happy to see some of those hard to find Beatles novelty records getting a legitimate release. It only took 40 years ;) Thanks for the props too. My mom always likes to see her pride and joy's name in print.

Natalie said...

Beatles novelty records are a genre by themselves. How exciting!
Wait, didn't we just have a conversation like this recently, I can't remember:)

QQF resident said...

Dearest Modcentric, I'm listening to the Tijuana Beatles share at


and I remembered you're quite the beatlemaniac and... Well, I just thought of that (plus I think it's a superb album share - so if you're curious and haven't heard it...)

Ta-ta :)

modcentric said...

thanks for that link roar! =) i've never heard it before. i can never get enough of Beatles covers!