21 March 2006

garage beats

Garage sound.. raw and edgy!

The Zoundcrackers

A song that you cannot help but dance along to. The Zoundcrackers are a Hong Kong garage band. Like Singapore and Malaysia, Hong Kong had a thriving band scene in the Sixties.
The Zoundcrackers - I Got To Find Cupid
Read more about it in this article. Also includes an interview with the lead singer, Joe Jr, of The Zoundcrackers.

The Stylers

Another band from Hong Kong, The Stylers must have been hugely popular because their records tend to turn up easily in second hand stores here. Besides covers, they also played cha-cha instrumentals, a popular genre of the period. This song is quite an original medley of British Invasion singles.
The Stylers - Hey Hey Hey

The Surfers

After releasing their first EP, 'Hooray For Hazel', The Surfers renamed themselves 'The October Cherries' and went psychedelic. In Singapore, 'Hooray For Hazel' even outsold The Beatles' 'Hey Jude', and the single was widely pirated.
The Surfers - Hooray For Hazel
Read more about their band history at their official site.
An interestinginterview with lead singer Jay Shotam at Ear Candy, where he talks about the music scene in Singapore in the 60s.


Bruno said...

Wow! :)

Nurse Marbles said...

Hooray for Modcentric!

So, are bands like these also considered Group Sound bands? Or does that not apply to them?

guapo said...

thanks georgiana!

modcentric said...

glad everyone's loving the tunes!

nurse marbles: 'group sound' is a term only used in japan. i think it refers to all their bands in general, as long as they play rock and roll. here in singapore, or in malaysia and hong kong, they're just called bands. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey Hey I think the Styler's are great. Was that Jimmy Page on guitar?

Hazel was great, matching the Troggs version. Hey Jude was too long anyway, give me Hey Hazel any day. Great post mate.

collette said...

you blow my mind! i luv the stuff you post xxoo

mostly said...

Wow, Hong Kong garage. Fantastic.