10 March 2006

something old, something new

A bit of randomness to this post. I wanted to blog on two bands - an old favourite of Mod-ified Music, and a new one. Also, some repost requests to clear!

Saturday Looks Good To Me

I've blogged lovingly about SLGTM before. With the recent release of 'Sound On Sound', a compilation of 30 previously limited and unavailable recordings, I'm further convinced that Fred Thomas is the Phil Spector of the Noughties. What a glorious mix of summery Sixties-inspired pop, with a dash of garage/punk. Although I generally love all their recordings, my favourites tend to be their girl-pop songs. They wouldn't be out of place in a 60s girl group compilation.

Saturday Looks Good To Me - Hiding

'Sound On Sound' is available at label Redder Records website.
SLGTM's myspace page.
SLGTM bio on All Music Guide.
The amazing thing about SLGTM is that the same songs appear on vinyl and cd-versions of an album, but with different mixes or recordings. Hear the difference here.
An interview with the band, from Sonic Zine.

Paris Motel

Another band with pretty melodies is Paris Motel, except there's also some country influence in their sound. String chamber music influence too - violas! The most unlikely source, NME, describes them as "a beautiful slice of archaic chamber pop that lifts you somewhere sublime", while Independent says their music is "like a bolt from the blue.. impossibly lovely".
I think this song of theirs really is beautiful.

Paris Motel - I lost My Heart/Philippe, Phil

An interview on The Beat Surrender.
Paris Motel's myspace page.

Repost Requests!
Coincidentally, all are cover songs! Maybe because I've been posting so many cover versions on this blog.

Sandie Shaw - Love Me Do cover
original post here
Rita Chao - Only Friends cover
original post here
Ash - I Only Want To Be With You cover
original post here


Ekko said...

never heard of any of these guys before. thanks!

mostly said...

All of these are lovely. Thanks! Linking you. :)


Saturday Looks Good To Me is lovely. Thank you.

Raj said...

That Paris Motel track is fabulous!