05 March 2006

Going French

Some French offerings this week!

Not much is known of this band, but from this EP of theirs I found, (and as hinted from their name, I suppose) their music seems very folk-rock, rather than typical Ye-Ye. With the pianos in the background, somehow they seem to echo Gerry and The Pacemakers.

Les Pionniers - Les Emigrants

Another French singer we all know little about is Christie Laume. According to the Ye Ye Girls Website, and this Japanese site, Christie released two EPs. This is a truly weird but fun song. What a riot of different instruments!

Christie Laume - Agathe Ou Christie

Available on Femmes de Paris, Vol. 2.

Queen of Ye-Ye, France Gall is someone we need no introduction to. A very dreamy song, which I think is one of her best!

France Gall - Ne dis pas aux copains

France Gall biography, from Radio France International site.
Amazing France Gall site.
Shop for France Gall cds here


QQF resident said...

That's a lovely picture of France Gall. Also, I just wanted to tip you that the compilations V/A: Dans Le Vent - Vol. 1-2 are available at chocoreve, that is if you haven't already picked them up there or bought the hardware. I'm not a big fan of that blog (though there are some fantastic shares), but I thought I'd mention it. Perhaps someone reading this don't have these comps.

Take care :)

Bruno said...

Another great selection! :)

Bruno said...

I just love that Christie Laume song!!!

Davecat said...

Yeah, that Christie Laume tune makes me want to jump around a lot. :-)