21 April 2006

hey hey it's the Monkees!

Written by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich, this song was first released on a single called "My Favourite Monkee - Davy Jones". Personally, my favourite Monkee is Michael Nesmith, because I think he really was coolest of the bunch. Still, this is a good song.

The Monkees - She Hangs Out (single version)

Their official website is amazing! Tremendous amount of information there.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I love these Monkees!.... looky here, I found s'more-


skunkeye said...

You need to check out - if you haven't already - the Allison Anders film, Grace of My Heart, which came out in the mid nineties. Is loosely based on the female songwriters of the Brill Building era - Patsy Kensit makes appearances as the Ellie Greenwich-type character - but the film is basically an elaborate melodrama with Illeana Douglas pulling off a convincing Carole King re-imagining. The production is a bit schlocky and stagey but quite fun - lots of fantastic musician and actor cameos - and the soundtrack, which I'm pretty sure is out of print, is quite enjoyable as well. (If you can't find it i can easily get it to you)
Its funny, I randomly caught the film on cable over the Easter weekend and forgotten how much of an impression it made on me - and I attended an art school lecture where the director spoke in depth about her motivations and research for Grace of My Heart.

modcentric said...

yes! i watched and enjoyed Grace of My Heart too! super film, though a bit melodramatic. i wished they had made it a true biopic though, with real names and events, instead of having fictional characters. i don't remember much of the soundtrack though, will have to go check it out.

i remember reading a massive article in Vanity Fair, a few years ago, where they interviewed all the main figures at Brill Building - Carole King, Gerry Goffin, Cynthia Weil, Jeff Barry, Barry Mann, Ellie Greenwich, and more. i think it was at least 10 pages long! but so in-depth and truly 'from the horses' mouths', because it was written oral history style. i'll scan it once i find my copy.

cchang said...

Oh! I love the Monkees. Although Davy was very cute, my favorite was probably Mickey because he had the smoothest voice. I need to check out the official website....I'm getting all nostalgic now!