26 April 2006

Miki Obata

Sweet pop song by Japanese Sixties cutie, Miki Obata! She also recorded some garage-sounding numbers with GS band The Outcasts. One thing I've noticed about Miki Obata's voice is that she sounds uncannily like France Gall. It's that cute voice.

Miki Obata - Juuroku No Toki

Miki Obata photos here. And photos of Miki today (in Japanese).


Bruno said...

Wow,very nice!Thanks for sharing!

QQF resident said...

How adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks! She's a real 60's sweetie. Doesn't look Japanese here. Great LP cover, and looking at her other covers, they are too. Cheers. Les in London.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. The file is gone. Can you please reupload, Thanks. Les.