08 May 2006

more Polar Five

Here's another track by The Polar Five. Somehow, 'Shagedelic' describes this instrumental very well! Unfortunately I can't read its title, and it doesn't seem to be a cover.

Polar Five - Unknown title


Weissman said...

Bless you!

Kenny Lust said...

Hey there!
Sounds like another great tune,
but unfortunatel it seems like there's something
wrong with mp3 (a lot of 'electric' noise, not likely from the record).
Or is my imagination?

modcentric said...

hmm, sorry i don't quite know what you mean! by 'electric noise' do you mean the slight buzzing sound in the background? that could be due to surface scratches on the record. or it could be from their instruments, which seem to be layered one over another! =)