10 May 2006

naomi and the boys!

My favourite Singaporean Sixties band! Naomi has a super voice, and the band recorded original compositions (courtesy of her brother, Robert Suriya), as well as covers. This is taken of their debut EP:

Naomi and The Boys - It's All Over

From the liner notes:
"Here then, fresh from their many successful nightspot engagements in Malaysia, are THE BOYS firing the first stage of their rocket to stardom, taking with them on this trip a vivacious and talented young vocalist, NAOMI SURIYA.

For a girl of only 16, NAOMI's voice has a distinctive quality that makes the lyrics of "IT'S ALL OVER" (Robert Suriya) worth listening to. There's something acutely touching about this tite which rivets the attention so that you are sitting on the edge of your chair, hanging on every word. "


robert said...

i really enjoyed that naomi track you posted a while ago so very nice to have another, great stuff.


A lovely song from a singer with a great expressive voice.
I have unfortunately only recently discovered your Fine blog and what i find very refreshing is your inclusion of Oriental singers and groups which often get overlooked and on this subject i wonder if you could fill a couple of requests.
The first is from may 2005 and is Rita Chao with the song i've gotta find cupid.
The second is Shanty by The Quests and although i have heard several cover versions of this instrumental i have never heard the original.
Thanks if you can help and also any reposts of Rita Chao would be gratefully received by me in the future as i have missed most of them.

Bruno said...

Very nice,and in a totally unexpected style!You just keep on amazing...

Anonymous said...

i love naomi so much...do you know of any reissue cds w/her on them? i need more!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your great blog. Great music, nice brief bios/info. Love this track. Thanks! Les.