29 May 2006

obsessing over the shangri-las

'Leader Of The Pack' is a classic that I love dearly, but this is the first time I've come across this version (1), where the instrumental background is louder than the vocals, and harmonizing after the crash bit ("Look out, look out, look out!") drags a bit longer than in the version I'd heard before (2). I was thinking that this could be due to some remastering process, but does anyone know which version should be the norm? Or which version appears on the original single? Personally I prefer version (1), because with the louder instrumental background, it sounds better blasted loud!

1. Shangri-Las - Leader Of The Pack (loud instruments)
2. Shangri-Las - Leader Of The Pack (loud vocals)


Anonymous said...

The Shangri-Las are my fave girl sound of the era. I still have the old vinyl release, which has seen better days. On my UK release the vocals and music are at about the same level, maybe time and many plays have altered the original sound?

Well I prefer version 1 too. I also have a very rare version where Betty sings the lead.


Anonymous said...

give us the rare version, pleas!

elsebasto said...

hi everybody, good news for you & me: mary weiss is to record( with memmbers of the reigning sound) her first lp since 1965. Thanks to norton records for the deal & mojo mag for the news.

Anonymous said...

Yes I read that on 'Spectorpop', I think. I think she went into the recording studio in January. Hmmm, maybe good news, maybe not? I hope she sounds the same and doesn't redo any old sounds. Some things are better left alone in their greatness!

girlsgroupfan said...

Hey, the two "leader of the pack" are two different version.
Listen at 0:02, after the bike... In loud vocal version she tell "One day.."
In loud instrum. version she tell "I had..."

I've an copy of loud version, with more beautiful sound, especially on the crash...

modcentric said...

yup i heard about mary's new recording too! but even though it's great news, i don't think it could ever be the same as the original hits.

girlsgroupfan: i'm sure they are two different versions too. but i can't find any background on why two versions were recorded.
is your copy on vinyl? my initial thought was that the variation could be due to one version being from the album, and the other from the single.

les: your rare version sounds very interesting! =)

Anonymous said...

Mary has recorded and is doing the concert tour,and her new songs are great.
I have seen her at about 6 times already.
I will forever be a fan.

Anonymous said...