16 June 2006

Lara and The Trailers!

Nancy Sinatra was strangely a strong influence among female Asian singers in the 60's. Quite a few singers here covered her songs, as you would have discovered on that ever-popular "Girls in the Garage Oriental Special". This is Lara Tan (backed by The Trailers) with her version of the James Bond theme "You Only Live Twice". Incidentally, The Trailers also recorded an instrumental version of this same song. All I know about Lara is that she is Singaporean, and her records are extremely rare today. I still haven't seen a single one!

Lara & The Trailers - You Only Live Twice

More Lara record covers online, here.


Bruno said...

Nice version,thanks for sharing! :)

Lush said...

Wow thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Has a nice charm about it to my European ears.

I know ya ain't got any, but any one got more of Katherine and the Firebyrds?

Davecat said...

Very distinctive.. Lara's version sounds fast, yet slow at the same time. How is that even possible?

Thanx! :-)

modcentric said...

Yeah I've never noticed that before! Lara sounds so hypnotising and I guess that makes it seem "slower", even though the instrumental background is fast. I think it's a cha-cha beat. =)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, eery version.
I have a couple of skips at the beginning. Is this a download error, or is your copy like this as well?

Thanks for posting all these great songs - lots I've never heard (of) before.