25 June 2006


I fell in love with Holden last year, with just the few songs of theirs floating around the Internet ("Je Te Reconnais", "Une Fraction De Seconde"). Their music is perfect for lazy weekend afternoons. I recently found their cd, Pedrolira, at a real bargain here in Singapore, which is surprising because I never would expect any store here to import them. I hope to find their second cd, Chevrotine someday soon.

Holden - Le Belle Vie

Holden's official site. Hear clips from their new album, videos too.
An interview with singer Amelia (in French), here.
A review of one of their performances, with lots of photos (in French), here.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your interest for our music, it feels so nice to have a fan in singapour...
let me know if you could put your hands on "chevrotine".... try with amazon.fr
kisses from paris

Anonymous said...

hey, chevrotine is holden's third cd. the first one is called "l'arrière monde". holden is the best french band. i adore them

garfious said...

check this dear mate
holden rules...on sunday afternoon (and evening)

colleen said...

mmm holden's so great -- thanks! xo c