05 July 2006

she dances the mashed potato

Best known for her songs "Mashed Potatoes Time" and it's follow-up "Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)", it's little surprise that Dee Dee Sharp was once roped in for a Campbell Soup Company campaign to get consumers to use low fat soup in their Thanksgiving "Mashed Potatoes". But Dee Dee sang more than just about mashed potatoes.

Dee Dee Sharp - Don't Play That Song

Another piece of interesting trivia: she holds a PhD in Psychology!

Dee Dee cds and bio, here.
Another comprehensive bio at Allmusic.


Natalie said...

I like that, but man, it sounds a lot like "Stand By Me"...

modcentric said...

yeah you're right! that's cos both were sung by Ben E King.