03 June 2006

sounds of saigon

Something really unusual. This is a bluesy song by a Vietnamese singer. I can't find any details about her, so if you know anything, please share! This looks like a late 60's release, definitely before 1975, because it says 'Saigon' on the back of the record.

I had to cut a few seconds from this track (at 0:22) because it kept skipping. That's unfortunate but the rest of the song, especially the middle bit is still beautiful.

Tinh Ca Que-Huong - Chonguoitinhlo Thanhlan


Sem Sinatra said...

That's really lovely. I love vietnamese women's voices. Have you heard Huong Thanh. Beautiful. Really worth checking out

modcentric said...

this is actually the first time i've ever heard anything in Vietnamese. but it is beautiful isn't it? i'll haven't heard of Huong Thanh. will have to go check her out.


This is really pretty! Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

The picture is Khanh Ly, and famous Vietnamese singer since the 60's now living in the US (http://www.khanhly.com/). And the song is sung by Thanh Lan, also a very popular singer from the late 60's, also lives in the US since mid 90's

modcentric said...

hello anonymous! thanks so much for clearing that up. i misunderstood my record sleeve. it appears now that this is an EP of 3 different singers. what does 'tinh ca que-huong' mean? this is the title of the EP?

viet said...


The title of the EP: Tinh ca que huong = Love songs of the motherland

Thuong Dau = Pain
Khong = No More
Cho Nguoi Tinh Lo = For the lover that got away
Mua= Rain

Where did you get this record? It is a rarity...could you please email me at nhac_viet_nam at yahoo dot com ?

adam said...

this song is exquisite..