24 July 2006

French Folk-Rock!

Jacques Dutronc wasn't the only Frenchman rocking the late 60's music scene. There was also Antoine, otherwise known as the French Donovan, with his beat-protest songs.

Antoine - Ne T'en Fais Pas Pour Cela, Ils Rêvent

Antoine's official site, here.
An interesting article on the French rock scene, here.
Bedazzled has uploaded a scopitone of another killer Antoine tune, 'Un Éléphant Me Regarde', here.
A selection of Antoine compilation cds is available at CDUniverse.


inrime said...

An inspired person who enjoys this site.


Larry Grogan said...

For some reason, in my area Antoine's Vogue LP has popped up a number of times. French expats? Francophiles?

Spluch said...

Ahhh french song, there is only one I know of, Bonjour, Bonjour, Bonjourrrrrr, Bon...jour, Bonjour, B...onjour blah, blah, blah...! Hey, just kidding. Excellent blog on oldies you have here. :)