21 July 2006

I'll Be Waiting

Lotus was one of the many beat bands to sprout in Hong Kong in the Sixties (like the Zoundcrackers), recording in English, and influenced by British bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Yardbirds. Although they recorded their fair share of covers, this is one original that's quite catchy. Sam Hui, lead singer and co-writer of this song, went on to record as a solo artist, and acted in several martial arts flicks. Interestingly, Bruce Lee was also a fan of his songs!

Lotus - I'll Be Waiting

This is from the Diamond Records cd box set, which I highly recommend. Mine just arrived last week, and I'm very impressed. The amount and quality of material that is included in this box set is amazing. The only thing is that the cd booklet has all the artist bios in Chinese. It's filled with photos though, and a nice mini poster. I really hope to see a release like this for Singaporean 60's bands, someday soon. I'll be waiting.

An article on the Hong Kong beat scene, here.

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Max said...

Thanks for the cd recommendation--do you have any others for older Chinese recordings like this?