16 July 2006

cover of the moment

I love Beatles covers, especially when they are recorded in different languages. Here is my favourite cover of the moment - a Mandarin cover of "I Should Have Known Better", recorded by a singer whom I know next to nothing about, unfortunately. She must have been a Beatles fan, because she recorded an EP solely of Beatles covers. This was supposed to be my contribution for week 15 of Contrast Podcast (Best of Beatles covers!)except I kept procrastinating.

Zhang Xiao Feng - I Should Have Known Better

It's impossible to list every single Beatles cover ever recorded, and I bet many were recorded all over the world at the peak of Beatlemania. The Covers Project lists some of the more well-known recordings, here.

Ever wondered what could be the 'worst Beatles cover' ever recorded? Read results of a 2003 poll, here.


ion said...

Oh yeah yeah yeah!! I share your love for foreign language Beatles covers, and as you already know, I'm especially pleased when it's performed by a female. So needless to say, I dig this cover more than a pony. Thanks for sharing this great find!

modcentric said...

Glad you like it as much as I do! I know what you mean, I also love it when guys cover songs originally sung by a female. It totally transforms the song!

Tim Young said...

I'm almost tempted to do a second volume of Beatles covers to get this one in!!!


Ryan said...

This link is no longer active. Is there any way that you could repost it?

Anonymous said...

i'm brazilian and would like to ear this music again.
Please, repost for me, or send by my e-mail:


thank you.
mr. five

Aildoux said...

Get it at http://www.mediafire.com/?dj9lj1dinzi