10 July 2006

song of infatuation

Agnes Chan was a singer and actress from Hong Kong, hitting it big as a teen folk singing star in the early 70's. She wrote this song for one of her first films, "The Generation Gap". She recorded this when she really was 16! I think her young age shows in the lyrics somewhat.

Agnes Chan - You Are 21, I Am 16

Agnes continues to record today. Visit her official site, here.
A fan site with a *very* comprehensive bio.

If you like music from the HK 60's scene, this cd box set should make you very happy. A 4-CD box set from Diamond Records that features the best of The Fabulous Echoes, Kong Ling, Teddy Robin & The Playboys, Joe Junior, Sam Hui & The Lotus, Anita Mui, Danny Diaz & The Checkmates, The Mystics, The Wynners, and more. With 72 tracks in all! And it is amazingly affordable too. I just ordered mine. =)

For a taste of what to expect in this Diamond Records box set, check out this site. Quite a lot of quality stuff to download on there, including a super cover of The Zombies' "I Love You".


ion said...

Nice song, although the 21 year old is risking some serious jail time! Thanks for the link to the other site -- I didn't know about it.

modcentric said...

i agree! it also sounds like she's singing about a manager though.

chess1026 said...

greetings from the philippines!

I always thought The Fabulous Echoes and Teddy Robin & The Playboys are Americans!

Thanks to your site, I now know they're fellow Asians!

In the 60's I used to listen to "Dancing On The Moon" on the radio. Also "I Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree", which had become my favorite song during my elementary days.

So, would you be good enough to post these 3 songs, which are really hard to find:

1. Dancing On The Moon - The Fabulous Echoes
2. A Litle Bit Of Soap - The Fabulous Echoes
3. I Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree - Teddy Robin and the Playboys

Thank you so much for your beautiful site.


modcentric said...

hi chess1026, thanks for your nice words! =) unfortunately i do not have those songs, except for 'A Little Bit of Soap', which I may post in future.

you might want to contact Tofu-Hut, which runs the other website I linked to (http://www.tofu-magazine.net/newVersion/pages/gogo.html) : editor [AT] tofu-magazine.net