01 September 2006

Lovely Rita!

I've posted several excellent Rita Chao tracks before, but I just found one which I think blows them all away. Two reasons - first, she sings in English! And that's just a bonus, because the song itself is just fantastic. Originally recorded by Japanese singer Emy Jackson, the song must have been a worldwide smash, as it was covered by other international artists, including The Spotnicks of Sweden.

Rita Chao - Crying in a storm

By the way, the above photo shows the three Singaporean girls of song during the Sixties. From left to right - Lara, Rita, and Sakura. Check out the "UK version" here!


emanuelebrt said...

What a wonderful song!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of the best girls garage ever made!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING version - thanks a lot for posting!

I googled the thing, but couldn't find any info. Do you have any release details?

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

This is great! Is the backing band "The Quests"?


A really nice Rita track here.
Thanks for posting it.

modcentric said...

I'm sorry I don't have release details for this track. This track is not taking from the original vinyl pressing, but a bootleg. Yup, Rita Chao's records were popular enough to be pirated even in the 60's!

I'm not sure whether The Quests were the backing band for this track, as Rita Chao had another backing band on some of her records - The Surfers.

Bruno said...

Very nice! :)
Keep em coming!

Colin TCH said...

Heard from a friend that this song is great but it seems the link is dead..

Sq. Dave said...

My favorite is this:


It's her version of a song by an obscure Singaporean band called Jade & Pepper. My next favorite by Rita is her version of Sam the Sham's "How to Catch a Girl" in which she sings about wanting to find a boyfriend in Mandarin.

Sq. Dave said...
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Sq. Dave said...
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