21 October 2006

Indie pop is international!

Think indie pop and you'll probably think of Camera Obscura or any other band from the Elefant label. Well, the secret is now out - there's a lot more indie pop in the world, and this compilation proves it. 'Peachy little secrets' is packed with 20 poppy gems by bands from all over - from Sweden to USA, from Australia to Brazil! But best yet, a lot of the bands featured here are from South East Asia! That's what I think makes it so special, because many of the "international" indie pop offerings tend to neglect the indie pop scene in this region.

All 4 of my favourite indie pop bands from hereabouts are featured here (Mocca, Serenaide, My Little Airport, and The Marshmallow Kisses), but there are quite a number of lovely new discoveries on this disc. One of them being My Writes, from Singapore.

My Writes - Love in the 60's

This is why I like indie pop - pretty melodies that make you bob in your seat... and smile. =)

Don't wait - hop, skip and jump over to the Fruit Records' label website and check this little secret out! And you can hear a sampler of the cd's tracks at Fruit Records' Myspace page.


R. said...

This is a lovely pop tune and very much falls into the category of indiepop that I like. Problem with this genre is labels are almost always based on individuals'enthusiasm and few manage to stay active for a longer period. Many also run into financial difficulties. I've been having hard times the last couple of years with some of my favourite labels putting a halt on releases and particularly in the last year calling it a day. But I am impressed by the stamina of Elefant and the success this label's achieving outside of Spain - very evidently they got lucky with Camera Obscura for example. The label wasn't that well known just a couple of years ago, though I know it got a fair share of attention in Asia. But the point is indiepop can be just so much fun, catchy, silly etc by way of a pleasant attitude towards life. Kinda makes me want to eat pancakes at the silliest times of the day. It has such n-i-c-e energy!

I'd be much obliged for further indie posts on Asian acts :)

modcentric said...

Hi Roar!
So nice to see you here again! =) I'm glad you like the song too.

geekstripe&groovygenie said...

Woo! Nice one! Thank you!

Ooh oh...we've linked to you!