01 October 2006

you make me dizzy

Born in Taiwan but raised in Japan, Judy Ongg is an artist, singer, author and (of all things) woodblock-print artist. Definitely a lady of many talents! I don't have the English translation of this song's title, but it's practically dizzy with echoes!

Judy Ongg - 愛する人に

Visit her official site, here.
No bio on her official site, so thank goodness for this Wiki page.


ion said...

Very cool! Sounds like it was recorded in an empty rollerskate rink. Love the ba ba ba bum hook and the guitar and keyboard on opposing sides of the stereo channel. Another mod-ified winner!

Bruno said...

Very nice! You seem to keep on going strong! :)

earthgoesaround said...

Great song!

> I don't have the English translation

But there's always Google translate: "In the person whom it loves"

Hmm... Does that help?

koi = love
suru = do, play, make, choose...
hito = person
ni = in (referring to the person)

Wild guess: Choose the one you love ?

Japanese words are not so difficult, but to make a sentence...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Judy Ongg, but I'm afraid that photo is of Jun Mayuzumi, another fantabulous Japanese singer!