16 December 2006

I Feel Fine!

It's been some time since the last Beatles cover post, so here's a fab one. The Quests provided backing instrumentation for various other EMI artistes. This is Lam Leng, accompanied by The Quests.

Lam Leng with The Quests - I Feel Fine

I was fortunate to recently meet 3 members of The Quests - Vernon Cornelieus, Jap Chong, and Henry Chua in the course of my work. And what a wealth of memories they have to share! It was an amazing experience listening to their recollections of the bygone era of the 1960's - when Singapore's music scene was truly exciting.

(From L-R: Jap, me, Vernon)

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mostly said...

Wow, how fabulous! Great photo, too. I love the Quests, although it's pretty hard to find their stuff in Europe. Thanks for sharing this.