13 December 2006

New Singapore 60's compilation!

EMI Singapore will be releasing "ReCollecting Singapore Sixties" a compilation of recordings by EMI artistes from that era next week. I'll post the tracklisting as soon as it is officially released (and in my hands!). Artists that will be featured include The Quests, Rita Chao, Sakura, The Surfers, The Reynettes, and many more. And the best part? My favourite Rita Chao song ever might be included as well!

EDIT 3/1/07: Tracklisting for cd
1. The Sundowners & The Tornados - Malaysia Wonderful
2. The Blackjacks - I Shall Be Released
3. The Surfers - Answer Me
4. Matthew & The Mandarins - Put The Sing In Singapore
5. Asha Puthli & The Surfers - Sound Of Silence
6. Rita Chao & The Quests - He's Untrue (Mandarin)
7. The X'periments - Hot Pants
8. The Quests - Menari Dengan Mu (With A Girl Like You - Malay)
9. Sarah Chen - Hold Me Now
10. Cold Morning - The Straydogs
11. Frankie Cheah - Woman In My Life
12. Rita Chao & The Quests - Crying In The Storm
13. The New Topnotes - This Girl Has Turned Into A Woman
14. Sugiman - If You Go Away
15. Pietro & The Warlocks - Something In The Air
16. Sakura Teng & The Quests - Boom Boom (Mandarin)
17. Tony, Terry with Spencer - Bad To Me
18. Politican - Tania
19. The Quests - Jingle Bells/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
20. The Quests - White Christmas/We Wish You A Merry Christmas


geekstripe&groovygenie said...

Wow! I'm really looking forward to this one, thanks for telling, in all shops?

modcentric said...

it should be available at the big music shops at least! =) i heard supply might be limited, so best to hurry!

Anonymous said...

Different blog but interesting.

I began my own blog: http://www.cetaithier.blogspot.com/

Han said...

I bought the Cd. Sounds great.

hope107fm said...

Know anybody who has The Very Best of Matthew and The Mandarins CD and willing to sell it? Can't find it in any CD shop.

hope107fm@yahoo.com said...

This is hope107fm again. Anybody who can assist?

modcentric said...

hope107fm: sorry i don't know anyone who can help. i don't own the cd either. perhaps you can try asking around at the Quests' fanclub MSN forums.