30 January 2007

Bargain vinyl find #1

Who can resist 50 cent vinyls? They might be terribly scratched and missing their picture sleeves, but I love my bargain finds nonetheless!

The Flamingoes - Ye Hu

The band is a mystery to me at the moment. I have heard that there was a 60s Singapore band called The Flamingoes who were on the tea-dance circuit (also mentioned in this article by Joseph Pereira) but I'm not sure if this is their work or another band altogether.


david said...

Wow, an interesting mix of of doo wop lyrics (at least the English ones) and Beach Boys/Jan & Dean surf guitar! Very whimsical and sweet mix of Chinese & English vocals with light pop fluff until heavy fuzz guitar dominates the final seven seconds of the song. This unique blend of influences seems to be very representative of the times in SE Asian pop music.

Totor Lemposchka said...

Typically South-East Asian. Excellent, thanks for the share!