28 January 2007

Innocence and Despair

I think that the Brian Wilson tribute cd that comes with January's issue of MOJO is one of the magazine's best in recent months. The fantastic thing about cover versions is hearing all the different approaches used, and how the same song can sound so different at the hands of a different performer. This track was a nice discovery:

The Langley Schools Project - In My Room

It's really no-frills , but it's simplicity is what I love. Hauntingly beautiful.And how angelic the children sound!

Read about The Langley Schools Project, and their release, 'Innocence and Despair' here. I loved the track so much I got the rest of 'Innocence and Despair' from emusic.com. It's all covers, and they might not be perfect. But these kids were clearly having fun! Isn't that what music is all about?

The Langley Schools Project - Help Me Rhonda

Get "Innocence and Despair", here.


blip said...

I found this album in a public library a few years ago... I think the version of "Desperado" is really something. Also, i bet Bowie could never have imagined what those kids would do to "Space Oddity"

g. said...

at last one album i knew of
all of the stuff you put out here is grand!