25 January 2007

Thinking about Sylvie

Like Francoise Hardy, Clothilde, France Gall and other French Ye-Ye girls of the Sixties, Sylvie Vartan recorded in various languages. This English version of 'Je préfère tes bras' sounds very Gillian Hills.

Sylvie Vartan - Thinking About You

This song is taken from 'Les Annees RCA 1961-1986', a jaw dropping 21 cd set that collects almost everything she released in her years with RCA, including her recordings in Italian, Japanese, and English. It's nice to hear her music evolve from the dancehall sound of the early '50s, to her folk-ish period of the late '60s, right down to her disco years of the 80's. I know, this set is very expensive, so I would only recommend it to die-hard Sylvie fans. Otherwise, this compilation, a more recent RCA release, would do nicely.

Read more about Sylvie, here.
Her official site, here. It's all in French, but the Clips page lists her Scoptitones of the 60's.

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Davecat said...

It's so odd hearing her sing in English, but I could get used to it. Not bad!