15 January 2007

Rita Chao meets Pitchfork!

I was very pleasantly surprised to find 'Crying In A Storm' listed as one of Pitchfork's "Found Sounds of 2006"!! They call it "the type of find that makes following the 60s beat explosion to every corner of the world worthwhile". I couldn't agree more. The song might have been hidden on an EP when first released, but I'm glad it's finally getting the hit, cult status it deserves.

Rita Chao - Let True Love Begin

Another fab Rita Chao number, backed by The Quests.


Anonymous said...

The "Crying in a storm" song isn't available for download anymore. Could you upload it again? Thanks!

modcentric said...

hi anon, the song is available in the "Recollecting Singapore 60s" cd as reviewed in the earlier post. =) i try not to post too many tracks from cds which are commercially available because we need to support the people who get these rare music re-released onto cds! i hope you understand. =) if you are not from singapore and would like to purchase a copy of the cd, do email me and i'll help.

Anna said...

I'm amazed Pitchfork dug Rita Chao. I guess they're cooler than I thought.

I think I found my new favorite blog! Man next time I'm in Singapore, I have to look up some of the stuff you posted!

modcentric said...

hi anna! yeah i was shocked to see Rita Chao on Pitchfork. well, let me know if you are ever in Singapore, I can recommend cool spots to check out for vinyl. =)

bonsai-superstar said...

Hi! I am thinking of coming to Singapore to visit friends (I'm living in Japan now). I also like Rita Chao (esp. "Pretty Flamingo" and "Love is Me, Love is You" - haunting) and Nancy Sit ("Shakin' All Over"). Do you think these songs are avail on CD somewhere there (I don't have a turntable, only a computer)?