13 February 2007

Pop Symphony

Lucky Soul is one of the few new bands I'm truly excited about. I thought their last single, "Ain't Never Been Cool", was a stomping classic! Hear it for yourself on their myspace.

I wrote in the previous post about how many have been calling their sound "shimmering". I don't know about you, but when I think of the word "shimmer", I picture a pretty butterfly that flits around. I have a twee imagination. The word was apt enough to describe Lucky Soul's previous singles, because while they sparkled, they were lightweight in the manner of classic pop songs. (not that there is anything wrong with classic pop!) Then along comes this song, which doesn't quite fit that mold. Compared to "Lips Are Unhappy", for instance, this one's a lot more complex. It begins like a simple ballad, before it builds into an epic of grand symphonic proportions, with lots of lush sounds swirling round and round. It doesn't just "shimmer", or flit around - it hammers its point home. Like a "Wall of Sound" anthem!

Lucky Soul - The Great Unwanted

This is from Lucky Soul's upcoming debut album, "The Great Unwanted", out on April 9th. Hopefully it'll be out on eMusic as quickly, because that's where I've been buying all my Lucky Soul tracks so far!

Lucky Soul's official website, here.
View their next video, for "Add Your Light To Mine", here.

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