16 March 2007

On The Record!

I'm very pleased to announce that "On The Record: Homegrown Bands from Then and Now" is finally up and on show at library@esplanade. Discover how Singapore's English popular music scene has evolved from the 1960s to present through video interviews with prominent personalities through the eras - The Quests, The Thunderbirds, Lunarin, Concave Scream and Electrico, just to name a few.

Please see here for details.

And if you visit the exhibit from now til 30 April, you'll get to see a mini showcase of some 1960s record sleeves from my personal collection and The Quests memorabilia (the latter on loan from Vernon Cornelius). Just a little trivia - included in the display is the very first local 1960's record I got in 1998 (Naomi and The Boys' Happy Happy Birthday) and my latest purchase (Shirley Nair and The Silver Strings).


sid presley said...

This looks awesome! Wish I could go, but I don't think we'll be visiting Singapore 'til late next year. If you happen to take photos of the exhibit, please share them online.

BTW my 60's Asian pop record collection has risen again. I received 6 more records this week, and another 6 are in the mail. I've updated the gallery http://www.pbase.com/sid_presley/the_record_collection&page=all

modcentric said...

That's a pity! I'm sure you would have liked the exhibit, especially the 1960's video. I'll post some photos of the exhibit next week.

As before, I am in awe of your collection! Maybe we can start trading again once I return from Tokyo - who knows what I'll find there!

sid presley said...

Someday I'll get up at 3am and begin transferring more vinyl while my family sleeps. If I do it while they're awake, you'll hear every footstep in the mp3.

I found another Asian pop website...Far Eastern Audio Review, a nice website from Chicago. It can be seen at http://fareastaudio.com Mack recently found my stuff and took interest. It's a little bit of old and new, as told from a different viewpoint...

Kevin said...

Thanks for guiding us around. I wished the video were longer. My friends and I made a documentary on The Padres but it's long gone by now. Really catchy music.

Also, I kept telling everyone how efficient the library was, honest to goodness even the machine that didn't work for us had an "Under Repair" sign up the next time we turned around.

modcentric said...

hi kevin,
oh no! i'd have loved to see that documentary. it wld be nice to see what it was like during The Padres' heyday.