04 April 2007

Mon Amour Tokyo

Tokyo is a fantastic place to go crazy shopping for music. There are just so many music shops - from mega stores to small niche outlets. Disk Union stands out as my favourite store in Tokyo, especially the main branch in Shinjuku. Never have I seen so many Ace Records 60s compilations in one place. And some in the used cd section too (you can be sure I grabbed what I could, especially those from this guide). And 'Girl Pop' is a recognised genre in the store - all the Dusty Springfield, Cilla Black, and assorted girl group stuff are put to one side and labeled. I scavaged the used J-Pop section as best as I could without knowing Japanese, and came away with several Kahimi Karie, Pizzicato Five, and Nelories cds. Oh, and the cherry blossoms were great photo subjects too.

Pizzicato Five - Mon Amour Tokyo

Song available on 'Big Hits and Jet Lags 1994-1997', purchase it here.


sid presley said...

Yay, I love P5! BTW welcome back!

Have you ever heard Love Psychedelico? Been a favorite since hearing them on the plane a few SG trips back.

Ace is a wonderful label, every release containing comprehensive liner notes and premium sound quality. My friend Alec Palao works for Ace...He's produced the GS-I Love You comps, along with an endless list of bands such as The Zombies, Music Machine, Chocolate Watchband, etc.

If it's on Ace, it's definitely worth a listen...

Radicalpatriot said...

I note that you did not mention Morning Musume or Hello!Project in your report on music stores in Japan. Those groups are among the most popular in Asia right now. Did you see any of their CDs or DVDs on sale?

modcentric said...

Hi David: I like Love Psychedelico too! And I agree with you on Ace's liner notes. So informative.

Hi radicalpatriot: I have to admit I'm a selective J-Pop fan. I prefer the more indie aspect of J-Pop, especially where there are Sixties influences. Its just a personal preference, nothing against other Japanese groups. =)