15 April 2007

girl from Bandung

Sandra Reemer might be better known as a Dutch singer (representing Holland several times in the Eurovision Song Contest), but she was born in Bandung, Indonesia. She even recorded some songs in Malay when she was first launched as a child singer, such as this top seller of 1964.

Sandra Reemer - Singapura

Check out this fabulous page, with lots of Sandra's picture sleeves, here!
Sandra's official website (in Dutch), here.
Her discography, here.


Kees said...

Sandra never really had a charted hit in Holland until 1968 when duetting with Andres. Before 1968 she was well known but no real big seller.

Another "Indo girl" that did score various gold records in Holland around 1962-64 was Anneke Gronloh, originally born in Celebes. She also recorded in Malay.

i'm no johnny said...

when i'm 20 years old,i bought a compilation tape title 'ticket to ride' and it is from Bandung.I really love bandung music maker...they r great!

peggygadsby said...

Hi there from England !
Can any one help me please, I am trying to get a copy of Singapura but cannot find one anywhere. Any ideas?