18 April 2007

Introducing Mona!

Not much is known about Mona, except she recorded at Kinetex Studios, a Singaporean record studio frequented by bands such as Naomi and The Boys. I suppose it pays to examine each record purchase carefully - at first glance in the record store, I wouldn't have given this sleeveless and dusty vinyl a second look had I not recognised the recording studio as local. And thanks to Joseph Pereira's extensive record sleeve collection, we know how she looks like. According to him, the backing band is probably The Brown Boys.

Mona - Hanky Panky


Kevin said...

I love the tunes you've shared... it's now preserved in my iTunes collection. :P

I've always wondered if there are revival bands in Singapore... like in Japan where there's a whole retro punk culture, e.g. on Ramones.

Anonymous said...

.. a real gem! thanks a lot and keep on posting the cool stuff!

Michael Vee - Milano