26 May 2007

Podcast in Space

My latest podcast episode is a thematic one, entitled "Lost in Space". Featuring space-travel inspired tunes and such. Lots of instrumentals in this one. They may not be spectacularly rare, but it's a collection of tracks I wouldn't mind listening to when I space out. Enjoy!

1. Phofo - Roger, Seven
2. Gabriela Robin - Cats on Mars
3. Die Sputniks - Walk Don't Run
4. Terry Snyder - Puttin' On The Ritz
5. The Ventures - Telstar
6. The 5678s - My Boyfriend From Outer Space
7. The Marketts - Out of Limits
8. Ivor Slaney Orchestra - High Wire
9. Kahimi Karie - Tiny King Kong
10. The Byrds - Eight Miles High

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This podcast was partly inspired by the *amazing* collection of vintage robots, rockets, and space-themed toys I saw yesterday at Singapore's Mint Museum of Toys. 4 storeys full of retro toys (from Batman to Dan Dare to Mickey Mouse, and even a few Barbies)! As part of IMD2007, the tour was led by the museum owner himself. Besides collecting toys, he's also a huge record collector himself. That might explain the impressive display of Beatles and Monkees collectibles at the museum (a real highlight for me!).

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