22 May 2007

Malay Pop Yeh Yeh 3

A. Halim was one of the popular Yeh Yeh singers of the 60s. His Wiki page (in Malay) highlights some of his other songs.

A. Halim - Salam Mesra

And to round off this Malay pop special, here's a video clip of my long-time idol, P. Ramlee. An acting, singing, and directing star! See what I mean about the subtitles... even the song lyrics are translated! Very convenient.

P. Ramlee - Bunyi Gitar


sid presley said...

P. Ramlee is one of my wife's favorites. That man could do everything! My favorite is his movie Do-Re-Mi...

Anonymous said...

all 3 Malay-songs are great and the video's stunningly gorgeous!

Thanks a lot
Michael Vee . Milano

petasonic said...

This is fantastic blog!!! Thanx!!! I Added you to my favourite blogs

lucylucy said...

wow p. ramlee! my new hero!

great blog by the way!