21 June 2007

Thursday link madness!

What does everyone think of the new header graphic? Would you believe that I actually bought that Chang Siao Ying record simply because of the fab sleeve art? Unfortunately I can't say much about the record itself. It isn't a record from her "Off Beat A Go-Go" days. Even the stall owner told me he had better Chang Siao Ying records on sale. Above shows the complete artwork, but note that this isn't even the entire sleeve - my scanner was too small. Look how she's sitting there, listening to her own records!

Local gig alert
Nothing to do this weekend? unpopular radio has compiled several local gigs and parties happening this week. Check it out, here.

Modcentric's Myspace Pick
Quasimodo is a band I really really like. Fresh indie pop from Singapore, with the sweetest lyrics around ("you're the number one girl on my top ten chart"). Plus, you can actually hear the Sixties influence in some of their songs. 'So Close To Me' features opening drum beats straight from 'Be My Baby'! Check out their myspace here. Their next gig is on 7 July, Youth Park/*Scape. I heard they'll be playing a Chuck Berry cover.

Recommended download: So Close To Me

Not music related but still cool
How do you meet fellow book geeks and library junkies? You might want to give Shelfari a try. I think it's a pretty cool concept, as you get to meet people with similar reading tastes, and you can join online reading groups (this one on banned books is worth a look). There is a Music Lovers group too, but it's dormant. My last 4 books read, here.


sid presley said...

I have some Chang Siao Ying tunes on a comp CD called ASIAN TAKEAWAYS, released in 2001. Her song COME BACK TO ME is a shining star on this otherwise mediocre collection of 60's Hong Kong pop music.

Yes, I agree that your new banner is very cool!

Recreativo Narcótico said...

hey just came across ur site. i loike !!!