18 June 2007

The Vigilantes / The Guys!

Don't regard The Vigilantes as just another of the many instrumental groups who churned out cover recordings filed under the "off beat cha cha" category. Think The Melodians, Polar 5, or Charlie and His Go-Go Boys.

In 1968, The Vigilantes adopted a new name - The Guys, and recorded with Ismail Haron. A familiar pairing for those of you with the Steam Kodok cd compilation.

The Vigilantes - Till We Meet Again

Steam Kodok is available for purchase at Aquarius Records, here.


sid presley said...

Yay, I love Aquarius Records! It's pretty close to my house in San Francisco. That's where I bought my Steam Kodok CD, and last December I picked up The Strollers' "Waiting Is" CD. They are a tiny shop, carrying fewer titles than any music store I've ever seen (Yes, the website makes them look huge, but it ain't so). But the few titles they carry are often unique and priced a little on the high side, but every trip I've made to this place has been a rewarding experience.

I didn't know the history behind The Vigilantes. I have one single, Off Beat Cha Cha (Eagle Record TK 1017). It includes the song that you've shared in this entry. The record cover is bright and happy.

BTW I'm getting more records this week, including Leroy Lindsay & The Mysterians, Betty Chung, Tetty Kadi, Maurice Patton, and 7 more titles. I will post covers and transfer some to digital when I get the chance...

modcentric said...

Yeah I was really happy to find that tidbit of information while researching. Knowledge of the artiste helps one to fully appreciate the music! Otherwise they are just an unknown name on the record sleeve.

The sleeve I have doesn't match this record, but I bought it anyway because it was cheap, and I thought that band photo was terrific! Moody and mysterious.

You should upload more tracks in your blog, especially the rare stuff like The Mysterians. *hint*

sid presley said...

I posted both Mysterians tracks in my March 4 blog, but I just terminated my file hosting account a few days ago. Tonight I will post a Mysterians song in my Myspace site www.myspace.com/singapore6039spopmusic

leCurLing said...

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modcentric said...

hi lecurling! welcome! =)