02 July 2007

Laisse tomber les filles by Mareva

Found this garage gem on Youtube:

The video (deceptively aged) would make anyone think Mareva was a genuine 1960s Ye Ye girl! Not true, as her first album, Ukuyéyé, was released last year. Though nothing beats France Gall's original, I liked the punkish/surf guitar backing on Mareva's cover.

Mareva's wiki page, here.


spikedcandy said...

I like the whole Mareva concept, but I just don't feel like she was strong enough to pull it off. I agree, I love the backing here but unfortunately her delivery destroys it for me. The only song I really like on that album is her cover of 'Pourquoi Pas Moi' - there her cold delivery works with the song, not against it.

Sorry, I actually hate leaving comments saying I don't like something because I know they're annoying to get, but I'm hoping it might attract a discussion, and I'm interested to hear what others think of her.

modcentric said...

Thanks for the comment, Christine! I'm really interested to see what others think too. I think Mareva begs comparison with April March. Like Mareva, April March started out with the whole 60s ye-ye concept, right down to her publicity shots and cd sleeves. Even so, you can see how April March has slowly evolved in terms of her sound, with each album. I'm curious if Mareva will prove as lasting.

Anonymous said...

Her album is actually amazing if you listen to it front to back. Highly recommended.