14 July 2007

Sheila the Ye Ye Girl

While in Tokyo a few months back, I picked up this Sheila cd at a second hand cd shop. Like Sylvie Vartan, Sheila covered a lot of American pop songs (eg. Doo Wah Diddy) in the chirpy, happy early Ye Ye style. Born Annie Chancel, she got her stage name after her first teen pop hit - a French version of Tommy Roe's 'Sheila'.

Sheila - Papa t'es plus dans l'coup

Youtube Finds!

Sheila's original Scopitone for Papa t'es plus dans l'coup

Ludivine Sagnier's cover of the song, as featured in '8 Femmes'. This is a remixed version not included in the film!

Sheila's very comprehensive bio at RFI Musique, here.
Sheila on The Ye Ye Girls Website, here.


delrond said...

Hey i have been a fan of your blog for some time now and have finally took the plunge to set up my own blog.

I would be grateful of any feeback you could give (posistive or negative! heh)

Here it is http://modvespa.com

Danny (ModVespa.com)

Cool Insider said...

Sounds pretty cute and fun.... I guess you must know a word or two of French? BTW, I just came back from a heritage concert at Zouk and blogged about it here. Unfortunately, most of the 60 hits just escaped me.