22 July 2007

Pretty Lotus!

Lotus Liew was Miss Singapore/Universe 2nd Runner Up in 1967. I love random vinyl finds like this! Especially when they are cheap to boot. This is by far being the most rocking track on her EP release.

Lotus Liew - The Lonely One

And if you're really keen, I've noticed that this same EP has been showing up in eBay lately.


sid presley said...

eBay seller finewood0_0 was selling it without success, until you pointed it out in your blog. I wrote to him and he relisted for me for me to purchase. It will be a fine title for the collection.

I think this is the third title that I've bought after reading about it in your blog. You've been a great resource for new music!

I've added some "new" Singaporean 60's songs to my Myspace page. Please have a look at http://www.myspace.com/singapore6039spopmusic

In fact, I've acquired roughly 60 60's and a few early 70's Singaporean records and some CD's since our last trade. With the arrival of my mother-in-law this week, my hands will be free to transfer some records to vinyl. Soon after, I'll prepare some more CD's for you.



modcentric said...

60 records!!! ok let me know when you're ready for another round of trading. =)