26 July 2007

Les Sultans!

Les Sultans were one of the more popular acts in Quebec's garage band scene. The British Invasion must have been a huge influence on the band, because they covered songs by The Zombies, and The Kinks. Moreover, there's no denying the Beatle sound on this 1965 release:

Les Sultans - On Est Trop Jeune

Read more about Les Sultans, here.

Download selected tracks from Les Sultans' self-titled album, at Five Bucks On By-Tor, here. I've just only discovered this very cool music blog, which focuses on 'lesser-known heroes of Canadian musical history'.

Youtube Find!

Les Sultans - Pour qui pourquoi


Anonymous said...

Why are you sayin' les Sultans was part of a garage scene in Qu├ębec &
As they were the most popular band of that time, they had important studio possibilities. In fact, their records had a very good sound with fine production. Live, they don't perform in small places, but in front of important crowds. This band had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with garage rock.

modcentric said...

Hi there, I was describing their music as "garage", in terms of the raw energy they seemed to exude. I didn't mean to say that they were "indie/unsigned" artists without studio possibilities. For eg. The Kinks had major label backing, and also toured and performed immensely, but you'll find their sound being described in books etc as "garage", especially their early stuff.

This article on 'Garage Rock' style is pretty interesting.

Thanks for your comment! =) I'm happy when my posts generate response from readers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words...glad you enjoy Five Bucks!

rxmex said...

Excellent garage band, I loved them, even I had the opportunity to know them I have some songs of them at home and I have to say they were terrific.