19 August 2007

Downtown, Downtempo

My podcasts generally reflect the songs heavy on my playlist for that month, week or day. Episode 4 brings an eccletic mix of sounds together, from instrumentals a-gogo to soaring vocals to Northern Soul.

1. Mark Ronson Feat. The Daptone Horns - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
2. Donna Douglas - Blue Star
3. Camera Obscura - I love how you love me
4. Takako Minekawa - Maxi On!
5. Natacha Snitkine - Le jeu du telephone
6. Georgie Fame - Somebody Stole My Thunder
7. Shammy & Famous Ruis Family - I'm Just A Little Girl
8. The Peddlers - On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
9. Helen Shapiro - Beyond The Sea (La Mer)
10. The Postmarks - Let Go
11. Jackie De Shannon - Heaven Is Being With You
12. Twinkle - So Sad
13. 山内賢 & 和泉雅子 - 〜エレキ・ファンタジー〜二人の虹 Ereki Fantajii Futari No Niji

Download the epidode here.
Or subscribe to the podcast by clicking on the iTunes logo on the right column.
*EDIT: For some reason, if you are unable to subscribe to the latest episode via iTunes, you can download it or stream it straight from the Podomatic page here.


sid presley said...

Your list doesn't correspond to the songs in your podcast...I heard a great version of END OF THE WORLD and Shelly Duvall singing a song from the movie POPEYE. Very cool stuff, but do you have the proper set list???

modcentric said...

Ok I've fixed the link! You can go ahead and download the latest version now.

That podcast you heard, with Shelly Duvall etc, is Episode 3, 'All Things Nice', and you can find the setlist at my Podomatic page, here.

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to Takako Minekawa---nothing new in years!!!

awopbopaloobopalopbamboom said...

Lot of great stuff that i didn't know before your post... Thanks!

ally. said...

smashing selectiion maestro - i've only just discovered jackie de shannon (i know i know - how did she slip by all these years) and on a clear day should be in every home

pharmacy said...

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