08 August 2007

Let's Go Soul!

The Idaly Sisters were Lolly, Linda and Elsie, real life sisters from Indonesia. They began their performing career as soloists, before teaming up in 1967. Here's an interesting tidbit of information: the sisters came from a family of 10, all musically inclined! From their second EP, "Let's Go Soul":

The Idaly Sisters - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

DJ Anchovy posted an Idaly Sisters track (backed by the X-Periment!) over here, at Youtube.


Anonymous said...

Just Amazing where you get all these infomation from!!!!?!!

Dizzy! :D

Chang Kang.

socks said...

I found this site googling "Naomi and the Boys" and I must say, this is a treasure find!

I'm way too young to have heard a lot of these songs before, but my Dad is really nostalgic so he's always looking for music he used to listen to on Rediffusion!

Btw, I have "A Little Bit Of Soap" and "Hang On Sloopy" by The Fabulous Echoes if you'd like to post it on your blog. (I've emailed you.)

modcentric said...

hi socks! thanks so much for visiting this blog and leaving your comment. =) i always like to think that sixties music is timeless - you are never too young to appreciate a really good song.

sid presley said...

Would you believe I just found this record online and bought it??? It was only US$20 due to the back cover being a bit damaged. But I've learned that in collecting music from this era, you have to take whatever you can find...

BTW I just purchased 11 more records, which should arrive at my doorstep anytime. So once I get these 12 total records transferred to digital, we'll talk trade again.

sid presley said...

Change that. My Singaporean connection just hooked me up again. Make that a total of 19 records on the way...

Anonymous said...

WOW My mom talked about this song before..and i didn't know the name of the group till u filled us in on the info..thanks! i love this song..(gonna tell my mum now =)

Dan Quasimodo

pharmacyescrow said...

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Anonymous said...

thank you

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