18 November 2007

Kopi Susu!

A childhood song favourite! Indonesian born Sandra Reemer scored hits in the Malaya region in the early 1960s, with songs like Kopi Susu and Singapura. She went on to represent Netherlands three times at the Eurovision Song Contest! Though Sandra Reemer was not quite of the indo-rock genre, it's interesting to note how the movement of Dutch-Indonesian musicians who repatriated to the Netherlands in the 1950s led to a new music subculture which was popularised in this region. Other Dutch-Indonesian singers of the pop vein include Anneke Gronloh and the Blue Diamonds.

Sandra Reemer - Kopi Susu

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Edna Million said...

Hey! I haven't left a note for a while, but wanted to say I'm still reading and enjoying your great finds! Thanks!

modcentric said...

hi there! thanks very much for your comment. glad you enjoy the tunes. =)

Infrason said...

MP3 Blogs allowed me to discover how much Indonesian language can rock!

i love for instance Pattie Bersaudara's Pura Pura.

Thank you very much for all your posts!

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