06 April 2008

Ernie Djohan!

Brand new in my collection! Isn't the sleeve design cool? Ernie Djohan was an Indonesian singer who sang mostly English covers, like this Lulu cover. Most of her recordings were backed by the Band 4 Nada or Her Buana Suara. I found this nice collection of Indonesian Girl Pop (yet another genre to dwelve into!) sleeves here, though The Reynettes are from Hong Kong, not Indonesia.

Ernie Djohan & Her Buana Suara - To Sir With Love

More Ernie record cover art here.


Cool Insider said...

Reminds me of that movie starring Sidney Poiter so many years ago. Do you remember who sang the original song? Of course, it also spun off many different teacher type movies over the decades, some good, some not so good.

colleen said...

"soar a towzand feet hiyiyih!" love it. xo colleen