26 April 2008

sailor girl!

Because I can't sleep, and I was inspired by DJ Colleen Crumbcake's Linda Scott posting at her blog, I decided to share an early girl pop song that never feels to make me smile. Diane Renay and Linda Scott are very similar in style, and were the same age, though Linda Scott's big hit "I Told Every Little Star" came 2 years before Diane Renay's "Navy Blue". Written as a follow-up to "Navy Blue", Diane's biggest hit, it's very similar in sound and theme to the 1963 chart-topper. Diane even refers to it as "Navy Blue Chapter Two"!

Diane Renay - Kiss Me Sailor

More about Diane Renay at her wikipage here.
And find out what Diane's up to these days, at her official site, here.
An interview with Diane Renay, here.

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