18 September 2006

more with-it than Carnaby Street...

As promised, here is Heather and The Thunderbirds with 'Love is Blue'. And I found a picture sleeve too! Much clearer than the pix I posted earlier.

Heather was a British girl staying in Singapore. In 1967, she had this to say in an interview with Radio Weekly, after a holiday back home in England:

"I expected masses of minis but only saw a couple. It might have been too cold for them of course... I think the girls here are more with-it! Most of the time I had a hard time telling the boys from the girls on my holiday. The girls have short hair, wear caps, sloppy sweaters and trousers whilst the boys keep their hair long, and adopt frilled shirts and bell-bottomed trousers. From the back, it's quite a job telling who's what..."

Heather & The Thunderbirds - Love is Blue


Lush said...

Great! Thanks


What a great rendition of a great classic song and good to hear a female English version too.
Thanks for putting this rare song up.

Ilikeasiangirls said...

One of the best song of girls-group ever made.

thank you.

spikedcandy said...

Thank you :). Your posts are always so amazing.